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Drawing the line from legends and lore to factual histories, truth can be stranger than fiction.
Active sites with documented hauntings, true stories and actual experiences.
Techniques, knowledge and eye opening evidence and true investigative experiences.

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We are Headed to Savannah, GA

Get Ready for Ghost Tours, Paranormal Investigations, and Scavenger Hunts in Savannah, Georgia!


The Odd Macabre Epitaph

May 12, 2023

The Odd MacabreCast: Be Part of the Journey!

Are you ready for another great way to experience The Odd Macabre?


The Odd Macabre Epitaph

May 12, 2023

ghost tours

Walk The Haunted Streets

The oldest city in America is also the most haunted. Come with us as we walk the old brick streets and experience the best ghost tour St. Augustine has to offer. Well-versed and city-licensed guides will open your eyes to the ghostly side of St. Augustine. We offer something for everyone. From our mature audience evidence-based tours and true crime tours, to our family audience tours, we open the door for everyone to enjoy A Night Among Ghosts.

Madness and Malice

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true crime tour

Return to the scene of the crime

Come experience the thrill of crime-solving during this 1.5 hour walking tour. You will hear true cases and detailed inside information about the detectives, witnesses, and victims that were central to these crimes. We will take you to scenes where crimes were committed, discuss profiling and theories behind the minds of the perpetrators, and walk in the footsteps of the victims who live on through their histories being shared. Some of the most prolific crimes in our old city were never solved - come learn why these cases are still open!

paranormal investigations

Spend A Night Among Ghosts

A Night Among Ghosts offers a fully investigative experience combining a captivating mix of deep-rooted, researched histories and amazing haunted locations. Your group will reach beyond the history, as you attempt to communicate with those on the other side utilizing intuitive techniques, Victorian Spiritualism practices, and modern paranormal equipment. Your open mind is the ultimate key to this often eye-opening experience. A Night Among Ghosts is St. Augustine's most in-depth investigative experience and the home of the real ghost hunting experience. Locations, start times, and prices can vary per experience so check out our upcoming journeys and join us on our socials to schedule your night among ghosts...

A Night Among Ghosts

St. Augustine's Most Authentic Experiences

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A Night Among Ghosts


Made me a believer

"Jane and I had a great time on this tour. Heather was extremely knowledgeable in the supernatural and historical aspects of the area. She made it fun and made me a believer. We just did another tour last night in a different city and did not have the same great experience we had with Heather. I would highly recommend this tour. Tom and Jane "

Carver, MN
Professional and knowledgeable

"This tour was excellent. These folks are professional and knowledgeable. We had many encounters as we walked through old town. Highly recommend making this part of your experience."

Lynn, MA
Tour is awesome

"The tour is awesome, you learn interesting facts about each place you visit. Heather is engaging and eager to answer all questions. GREAT TOUR"

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St Augustine FL | 904.217.9164
Savannah GA | 912.744.9209
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