A Night Among Ghosts


Must Do Ghost Hunt!

"I absolutely loved this Ghost Hunting tour. Heather (The tour guide) was so awesome, knowledgeable and professional!!! I even captured 2 ghosts on my iPhone and one actually saying something when I was video recording. I wish I had Heathers email to send this to her. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

Better Than I Was Hoping

"We had to reschedule due to weather, and they were very accommodating and made it very easy to switch nights. Heather was an amazing guide and gave a lot of good information. The equipment she used was very cool and I loved how hands on the experience was. It was even better than I was hoping, and I will definitely be going back for future tours."

Best time in St Augustine

"Heather was a great guide. We were first timers to both the City and the paranormal tour and she made sure we had the most authentic experience possible. Highly recommend!"


"Heather and her husband are the most welcoming and friendliest host/owners. They make you feel safe if your scared, and never put you in an uncomfortable position.If you’re visiting for the thrillers and looking for a ghost tour this is worth every penny.I was skeptical at first. But I can’t even describe the feelings and witnessing of paranormal for myself. My favorite part was talking to Sam for the first time and hearing his voice. The last 30 minutes though with the dowsing rods!!!! OMG I got a tear in my eye scared as hell when they started to move. They are super easy to swing around the best way to describe it it’s like fishing the tense you feel when something is on the other end I can’t even explain. Me and my partner both experienced this. Go see for yourself, what do you believe?"


"We loved it. Heather gave a great tour. We had a wonderful experience. I highly recommend this tour if you are new to ghost hunting. We got a lot of history and went to several different places. It was a small group and that made it much more personal.."

So Much Fun!

"This was absolutely amazing! I had so much fun, learned some history and had some epic ghostly encounters!"

We Will Be Back!

"My wife and I had an amazing experience! Heather was a phenomenal tour guide. Very knowledgeable, energetic, and kind. Thank you guys for the experience of a lifetime. We will be back! "

I HIGHLY Recommend

"My family and I had orinally scheduled to come to St. Augustine to take part in paranormal weekend get-away. Unfortunately, that event was canceled courtesy of Mr. COVID. Rather than completely foregoing our trip we decided to instead make it a girls trip with Mother, my sister and myself. Heather, of A Night Among Ghosts, was recommended to be via a friend of a friend. I am PROFOUNDLY grateful for that recommendation. We, thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our tour with Heather. Her extensive knowledge of the history of St. Augustine and her upbeat nature had us enthralled from the minute we entered her parlor. The investigations and experimentation that we took part in were an added bonus that left us mystified. I HIGHLY recommend that if you are looking for an evening seeking out the MANY spirits of St. Augustine you take the 'A Night Among Ghosts' tour."

Tour is awesome

"From the start Heather was wonderful! My husband and I had to do a last minute reschedule and she had no problem accommodating us. The tour itself was extremely interesting. Seeing St. Augustine in the dark is a much different experience than the day and the stories and facts Heather had were fascinating. Although we didn’t have any extreme ghostly sightings, there were still plenty of cool/spooky moments in our tour. We would definitely do another."

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A Night Among Ghosts
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